Amy Satori

Your Interpreter for Pain, Pets, and Those Who've Passed

Amy Satori, Spiritual TeacherI help you uncover emotional issues that are getting in your way and offer intuitive guidance as to how to achieve closure, embrace, or address the underlying causes. I also intuitively answer pressing questions you may have about your life, helping you make difficult decisions, which may include speaking with pets and passed loved ones.  I offer peace of mine along your life’s journey.

Qigong Energy Healing * Intuitive Readings * Animal Communication * Home Clearings * Oracle Card Readings *  Groups/Parties * Classes/workshops

Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner * Certified Fairyologist * Peace Minister
Certified Positive Reinforcement Animal Trainer *
3rd Level Training in Qigong

The effects of My work have been far reaching across the globe:

  • Letting go of guilt, blame, and trauma
  • Healing from dis-ease such as pain, discomfort, agitation, sadness, and illness
  • Breaking free from crutches using new coping skills
  • Being naturally drawn to ideas, foods, and supplements that are best for you
  • Feeling a renewed sense of hope in life, relationships, and work
  • Finding direction and clarity in manifesting your future
  • Healing from the loss of a loved one (pet or person)
  • Eliminate destructive habits such as comparison to others, jealousy, controlling…
  • Epiphanies about who and what you are, why you are here, what you are here to do, and how to manifest a new reality no matter your current circumstances

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