Amy Satori

Your Interpreter for Pain, Pets, and Those Who've Passed

Amy Satori, Spiritual MediumBased out of beautiful Boulder, Colorado, Intuitive Spiritual Teacher, Amy Satori, is naturally and passionately devoted to helping both people and animals with her sharp intuition, healing abilities,and sound advice. She telepathically communicates with loving spiritual beings of the unseen world for the purpose of expanding your consciousness. She works with these beings to detect thoughts, sounds, visions, colors, textures, shapes, feelings, and other insights in your auric field that symbolize destructive patterns that you may or not be consciously aware of at this time, but that are getting in your way nonetheless. These impressions that surface are perceptions in your life that require your attention and alteration in order for you to break through to deeper levels of understanding and higher levels of satisfaction and enjoyment of your life. She acts as an interpreter between the spiritual and physical world, with the intention of encouraging and teaching you how to heal yourself in every way bringing you back to spiritual alignment. Essentially, she helps you break through your disillusionments and points you to the truth beyond them and shows who you truly are on a deeper level.  In empowering and expanding an individual’s consciousness in this way, she is expanding the consciousness of the entire universe as we are all linked and all one. When one person comes closer to love, the whole world moves closer to love.

You have to experience her work to believe it!


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The effects of Amy’s work have been far reaching:

  • Letting go of guilt, blame, and trauma
  • Healing from dis-ease such as pain, discomfort, anxiety, depression, and illness
  • Breaking free from crutches using new coping skills
  • Being naturally drawn to ideas, foods, and supplements that are best for you
  • Feeling a renewed sense of hope in life, relationships, and work
  • Finding direction and clarity in manifesting your future
  • Healing from the loss of a loved one (pet or person)
  • Eliminate destructive habits such as comparison to others, jealousy, controlling…
  • Epiphanies about who and what you are on this planet, why you are here, what you are here to do, and how to manifest a new reality no matter your current situation

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